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Below are links to videos of interest about peace, anti-war sentiments and brotherly love. Wait for the file to fully load. When you are done viewing, close the window to return to this site. 

Nothing here is meant to show lack of support or respect for our servicemen and woman, rather to promote a climate of peace and unity for all the world.

Posting of these videos does not imply endorsement by this site's owner. They are for entertainment, social and historical perspective, only

Watch President Clinton sing Imagine by John Lennon

Watch Yusuf (Cat Stevens) sing Peace Train, Pantages Theater, Los Angeles, CA 2016

Watch John Lennon and Yoko Ono Give Peace A Chance

Watch Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) sing 3 songs including Maybe There's a World

Watch What The World Needs Now

Watch The Youngbloods Get Together

Watch Eve Of Destruction Video

Watch Bobbby Darin Simple Song Of Freedom

Watch The 11th Hour Movie Trailer

Watch the original We Are The World 

Watch Donovan's song Universal Soldier

Watch Edwin Starr sing War (What Is It Good For?)

Watch John Denver sing The Strangest Dream

Watch Bono Fights Poverty Video     Watch Bono's Message For World Aids Day

Watch Bono Make Poverty History    Watch Bono On Activism for Africa 

Watch Emergency In Darfur (45 min, takes a few minutes to load).

Watch Peter, Paul and Mary sing The Times They Are A Changing

Watch Peter, Paul & Mary - Light One Candle

Watch Peter, Paul & Mary sing Blowin' In The Wind and Give Peace A Chance - Washington Peace March 1971

Watch Peter. Paul and Mary sing If I Had A Hammer

Watch Where Have All The Flowers Gone written by Pete Seeger

Watch A Is For Allah by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)

Watch slide show We Are The World

Watch Cruel War sung by Peter, Paul and Mary 

Watch RE: Give Peace A Chance

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