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Do Your Part To Make A Better World
"Ordinary people have more power to do public  good than ever before because of the rise of Non Governmental Organizations, because of the global media culture, because of the Internet which gives people of modest means, if they all agree, a chance to change the world."
                               ~ President Clinton, Harvard Class Day 2007

Your contributions can help feed the hungry, provide disaster relief, shelter, medical aid and education. Anti-viral medications can prolong lives and childhood inoculations can prevent disease and death.
You can help by making a contribution to your favorite charity or organizing a fundraiser in your school, church or  community. 
Click on Donate, below, to contribute to a charity through There, you can search for charities and read about their missions. You can also donate to charities under various categories, such as Hunger and Poverty, Disaster Relief and Health by clicking on the boxes to the right.
Thank you for caring and making a difference!