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All God's Children
We are all God's children, Every nationality and race.
Love one another; make the world a better place.
Join together to create a peaceful world.
Many nation's citizens long to see freedom' flags unfurled.

When the dark forces of evil, obscure God's heavenly light,
Let us be an example of what is just and right.
We all deserve respect and dignity.
All God's children were created to be free.

Where there is oppression, break the chains that bind.
Defend freedom and liberty; leave tyranny's memory behind.
Racial differences are only just skin deep.
When we hate each other, God must surely weep.

God's love was present, when the world began.
We are all related, the brotherhood of man.
One thing is certain; this we surely know,
We are all God's children; He does love us so.
Stop hatred; let violence forever cease.
May all God's children live in harmony and peace!

Leslie Powell  Copyright 2007 
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