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Aids Challenge
Every 14 seconds, in Africa, another Aids victim dies,
Leaving orphaned children; do you hear their cries?
The challenges they face are all too real.
They struggle to survive and find the next meal.
The simplest gift can bring such joy
To an innocent orphaned girl or boy.
Shoes for their feet, clothes to wear,
A safe place to sleep, shows sombody cares.
A doll to love and a ball to play,
Gives orphaned children hope for a new day.
You who live in a far-off land,                                                    Click to give FREE
Give your brothers and sisters a helping hand.           >> Child Health Care!   Sponsor a child and give them a new start.                    
Show they are loved; open your heart.                       Help Us Track Results     Education can be the key                                                       >> Sign Donor Form    To break the cycle of poverty.
They may become doctors, teachers and nurses,
Who empower others to break the Aids curses!

Leslie Powell
Copyright 2007  Leslie Powell                                                                            
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